We want to be known as a Church for all that proclaims the saving Good News that God is for all.  We want to be a Church that seeks out ways to meet new people, build
relationships, offer hospitality, hold safe
space for people to explore faith in creative, spiritual or
conversational ways. We want to be a Church that takes the Good News way beyond the walls of our buildings.

Festivals and events give us a great opportunity to engage missionally. This means being present as a group of Christians in non-religious places. That might be your local village fete, a big sporting event, or a nearby music festival. Being missional in these places is not about fundraising, it’s not about converting people, and it’s not about judging anyone. It is about being a blessing; loving and listening; and unashamedly as a group of Christians witnessing to your faith. 

Join in at Greenbelt, Solas, Edinburgh Fringe, 3Generate and other festivals!

The Connexion is seeking out opportunities for the Methodist Church to be present as a national team at bigger events. If you’d like to volunteer on the Connexional Outreach team at Greenbelt, Solas, Sidmouth Folk Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, or other events, please complete this form.

3Generate, the children's and youth assembly of the Methodist Church, is an incredible weekend of fun, fellowship, discipleship and worship for children and young people aged between 8-18. To join the 3Generate delivery team, click here. 

Resources to help you with mission at festivals and events

In what ways does your church or circuit show up at local music festivals, sports or other events, or community gatherings? This new Connexional resource offers an introduction for groups from churches, circuits or districts who are seeking to be present at festivals or events in different ways. Download it here:

Your guide to Mission at Festivals and Events 

And watch our webinar on 'Mission at Festivals and Events' here:

Do you have an event of national significance near you?

If you have an event that happens locally to you that attracts more than 20,000 visitors from around the country or the world, and you'd like to explore a new evangelistic outreach during the event, please get in touch to explore how you might find support.

Pride events

There is a suite of guidance and customisable items aimed specifically at inspiring and equipping Methodist groups who feel called to engage in their local Pride event. These resources will complement and signpost to existing resources from other organisations and can be found here:

Methodists at Pride