Sunday 16 December, 2018

3rd Sunday of Advent

Hymns marked with an asterisk (*) are suggested for more than one reading
Also see Thirty second Christmas

Lighting of Advent candles (using verses as appropriate)

Advent candles tell their story (StF 165)
Candles we light upon the Advent Ring (website only)
'Christmas is coming!' The Church is glad to sing (StF 166)
Light a candle for Jesus the King (website only) (sung to “The Little Drummer Boy”)
Light a candle in a darkened place (StF 174)
Like a candle flame, flickering small in our darkness (StF 176)
The days are surely coming (website only) – especially suitable as we enter Year C of the Lectionary

Zephaniah 3: 14-20

Everyone needs compassion (StF 627)
God's spirit is in my heart (StF 404)
Rejoice, the Lord is King! (StF 335)
The God who sings a new world into being shows the way (StF 714)
There's a light upon the mountains (StF 188)

Canticle: Isaiah 12: 2-6

Hymn echoing theme of canticle

Hark the glad sound! The Saviour comes (StF 171)
Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord! (StF 186) esp v.2
When mountains that we thought secure lie crumbled where we stand (StF 722)

Philippians 4: 4-7

In the Lord I'll be ever thankful (El Senyor és la meva força) (StF 776) YES
May the mind of Christ my Saviour (StF 504)
Praise to God who clears the way (StF 183)
Put peace into each other's hands (StF 712)
The peace of the earth be with you (StF 774)

Luke 3: 7-18

God made us ready for our celebration (website only)
He came to earth in poverty (StF 246)
Light out of darkness (website only)
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry announces that the Lord is nigh (StF 182)
The kingdom of God is justice and joy (StF 255)
Wild and lone the prophet's voice (StF 189)
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