Sunday 3 September, 2017

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings are laid out as for the continuous form of the lectionary. Alternative related readings (OT and psalm only) are below. Hymns marked with an asterisk (*) are suggested for more than one reading.

Exodus 3: 1-15

* Be still and that that I am God (StF 18)
Be still for the presence of the lord (StF 20)
Deep in the shadows of the past (StF 463)
'Moses, I know you're the man' (StF 473)
O Watcher in the wilderness (StF 667)
O come, O come Immanuel (StF 180)
Praise to the Living God! (StF 87)
Time for God (website only)
Through all the changing scenes of life (StF 638)

Psalm 105: 1-6, 23-26, 45c

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

* Be still and that that I am God (StF 18)
Gracious God, the heart of truth (website only)
Great is they faithfulness (StF 51)
* Help us, O Lord to learn (StF 501)
O lord we are always in your presence (StF 33)
The prophets' voice comes down the years (StF 162)

Romans 12: 9-21

All praise to our redeeming Lord, who joins us by his grace (StF 608)
As we gather in your presence now (StF 609)
Blest are the pure in heart (StF 244)
Brother, sister, let me serve you (StF 611)
Let love be real, in giving and receiving (StF 615)
Pray without ceasing, pray (StF 528)
Thanks for friends who keep on loving (StF 619)
When I needed a neighbour, were you there? (StF 256)
Would you walk by on the other side (StF 257)

Matthew 16: 21-28

Father, hear the prayer we offer (StF 518)
From heaven you came, helpless babe (StF 272)
* Help us, O Lord to learn (StF 501)
Jesus Christ, I think upon your sacrifice (StF 274)
Jesus Christ – Perfect Love (StF 325)
May the mind of Christ my Saviour (StF 504)
O precious sight, my Saviour stands (StF 279)
Praise to the Holiest in the height (334)
Show me the way of the cross once again (StF 452)
Would I have answered when you called, 'Come follow, follow me!'? (StF 674)

Alternative related readings:

Jeremiah 15: 15-21

A safe stronghold our God is still (StF 623)
Deep in the darkness a starlight is gleaming (StF 625)
How long, O Lord, will you forget an answer to my prayer? (StF 630)
I've had questions without answers (StF 632)
My soul finds rest in God alone (StF 633)
O love that wilt not let me go (StF 636)

Psalm 26: 1-8

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

I will offer up my life (StF 446)
Lord, in the strength of grace (StF 448)
Safe in the shadow of the Lord (StF 509)
You give rest to the weary (StF 657)
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