Take action: become an Eco Church

Eco Church is a free, online, reward scheme designed to equip your church to work towards environmentally friendly practices. Its purpose? To show that the Church is good news for God's earth.

Watch the video below to see how to become an Eco Church

The process involves a simple online questionnaire and awards your church with a certificate.

It asks churches to express love for God's creation in management of buildings and land, community and global leadership, lifestyle, worship and teaching.

With three levels; bronze, silver and gold, your church might already qualify for an Eco Award!

Read about the Methodist Church's progress to 100 awards here.

Read about one Methodist Church's journey to a Silver Award in An Eco Church's Mission.


Start by taking the survey today, click here to register first or to find out more click here.

Part of the Methodist Church in Scotland? Please see Eco Congregation Scotland instead to join over 360 eco-congregations in Scotland.

Projects like Eco Church are only possible thanks to the Mission in Britain Fund. Could you support them financially or in prayer?


Eco Circuits and Eco Districts

Has your Circuit/District responded to Hope in God’s Future? Receive a new Eco Circuit or Eco District award

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