Tea & PV in Yorkshire North & East

The Yorkshire North & East Methodist District is leading an ambitious project named Tea & PV that aims to install PV panels on selected churches. The aim is to promote solar panels and the District's Net Zero objective.

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The Yorkshire North & East Methodist District is leading the pathway towards Net Zero for the 200+ churches in its care. The current project is called Tea & PV, the PV being photovoltaic panels, commonly known as solar panels, that convert light into electricity. These are being installed on selected churches across this part of Yorkshire.

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The Yorkshire North & East Methodist District is committed to climate justice. Not only do they intend to install photovoltaic panels wherever possible with their Tea & PV project, but they have also hired a net zero officer, the first one in a Methodist district. This position would not be possible without funding from the Benefact Trust. Through the Trust’s Transformational Grants Programme, the district has been funded to act as an example for the wider Methodist Church as it moves towards Net Zero. The programme has also funded the Connexional Action for Hope Implementation Officer.

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The Yorkshire sun now rises over seven new churches with photovoltaic panels on their roofs. Installed over the past few months as part of the district’s  Tea & PV project, the panels will help the district reach its net zero emissions targets and cut costs.

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The Yorkshire North & East Methodist District is one of the five finalists in the category for the People’s Energy in the 2024 Ashden Awards for Climate Solutions for its Tea & PV project and work on climate justice. They were among the runner-ups in the category Helping UK communities power up local energy solutions.

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