Sunday 22 January, 2023


3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time 

You may also  wish to consider reflecting on Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January) in your worship. This year's theme is Ordinary People. Information and resources here.

Hymns marked with an asterisk (*) are suggested for more than one reading

Isaiah 9: 1-4

Angel voices ever singing (StF 39)
Darkness like a shroud covers the earth (“Arise, shine, your light has come”) (StF 170)
Great is the darkness that covers the earth (StF 405)
Light of the world, you stepped into darkness (StF 175)
I heard the voice of Jesus say (StF 248)
Your hand, O God, has guided your flock, from age to age (StF 692)

Psalm 27: 1, 4-9

Hymns echoing the psalmist’s theme

Lord, we turn to you for mercy (StF 429)
O Lord, we are always in your presence (StF 33)
Son of God, if your free grace (StF 336)
Stupendous height of heavenly love (StF 512)
You showed us mercy when we were in darkness (StF 488)

1 Corinthians 1: 10-18

Because the Saviour prayed that we be one (StF 675)
Christ, from whom all blessings flow (StF 676)
Come, all who look to Christ today (StF 678)
I come with joy, a child of God (StF 588)
Jesus, Lord, we look to thee, let us in thy name agree (StF 686)
Lord, we come to ask your healing, teach us of love (StF 652)
*Summoned by the God who made us rich in our diversity (StF 689)
Thou God of truth and love (StF 620)

Matthew 4: 12-23

Born in the night, Mary's child (StF 193)
Christ, whose glory fills the skies (StF 134)
Come, build the Church – not heaps of stone (StF 679)
Come, let us with our Lord arise (StF 148)
Dear Lord and Father of mankind (StF 495)
God’s spirit is in my heart (StF 404)
Lord, you have come to the seashore (StF 558)
*Summoned by the God who made us rich in our diversity (StF 689)
The Kingdom of God is justice and joy (StF 255)
Where will we find you, Lord Jesus our Master? (StF 672)
Will you come and follow me if I but call your name? (StF 673)
Would I have answered when you called? (StF 674)

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