The Report of the Marriage and Relationships Task Group 2019: God in Love Unites Us was discussed extensively at the 2019 Methodist Conference and commended for study and prayerful discussion throughout the Church.

It is available at and should be the basis of any study or prayerful discussion of its content and recommendations.

God in love unites us: Study Guide is also available at

The worship resources published on Singing the Faith Plus are designed to use in worship or opening and closing devotions when the themes of God in love unites us are being discussed or are the focus of a service.

The worship resources complement the Report and the Guide. They reflect the content (and headings) of the Report and the structure of the Guide, but do not present a full or exhaustive treatment of them. Rather, each section of these worship resources draws out some key themes and issues from the Report, offering relevant Bible passages, hymns to explore, and a selection of prayers.

There are also short reflections on the Bible passages and hymns that unpack the themes a little further, offering a number of starting points for developing a sermon or other aspects of worship.

God has made us to be in relationships and to be sexual

Bible passages, hymns to explore, prayers


  a. The nature of God
  b. How we relate to God and each other
  c. How we are made to relate as sexual beings; and to affirm diversity

God guides us in all our relating

Bible passages, hymns to explore, prayers


  a. Being co-stewards, companions and co-workers with God
  b. Developing our vision and widening the practice of marriage

Next steps for the Methodist Church

Bible passages, hymns to explore, prayers


  a. Encountering change
  b. The challenge of inclusion
  c. Contradictory convictions
  d. We are not alone

We are not our own. Earth forms us An additional hymn by Brian Wren

Additional prayers

Challenging conversations: living with contradictory convictions (PDF) You may also find the content in this previously published ROOTS resource useful. However, this material makes reference to the discussion of marriage and relationships as it was framed in 2015/2016 and must be adapted appropriately for use today, to reflect how the discussion has moved on since then.