Recent additions to StF+

Recent additions to StF+

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The world God imagines

“The world God imagines” by David Kai New on 27 June 2023  care for creation embodies God's vision and our calling see details 


The prophet speaks from days gone by

“The prophet speaks from days gone by” by Andrew Brown New on 27 June 2023  a hymn of vocation within community see details


Eternal being, three yet one

Eternal being, three yet one”  Andrew Brown New on 23 June 2023 – the Holy Trinity reimagined see details


Here is a death

“Here is a death” by Andrew Brown New on 27 June 2023  a hymn of unwavering gaze and profound questions in face of the crucifixion see details


Within God's hands (Dark clouds may come)

“Within God's hands” by Jon Skeet New on 22 April 2023  hope and trust in God in the face of conflict and disagreement see details


And still he calls us

“And still he calls us” by Andrew Murphy New on 22 April 2023  a life of Jesus in simple scenes see details