Resourcing local arrangements

growing-plant-in-three-stages-gettyimages-956366756A Local Arrangement (LA) is a service of worship where there is no allocated minister or local preacher available to take responsibility for leading worship. If approached positively and with appropriate support and encouragement, Local Arrangements are an opportunity for building up the congregation and releasing new gifts and creativity for the glory of God.



New to local arrangements? Here are two helpful guides: 

local-arrangements_guidelines-may-2023-p1Local Arrangements: locally-led worship at its best unpacks what Methodist Standing Orders say about Local Arrangements and offers suggestions for encouraging people to get involved and be creative

Don't Panic!! The step-by-step guide to local arrangements offers some top tips, and links to other helpful resources


Traditionally there have been a number of services written by Methodist local preachers and ministers which are made available for use in particular situations in local churches. A selection of services are reproduced below for those who wish to use them:

Themed services
Special Sundays
Times of crisis
Storms and picnics
(Gospel of John, chapter 6)
The Vine
Reflections for church meetings


logo-3-worshipThemed services

The services in this section were all contributed by Christine Odell. They focus on a range of topics and themes.

Our Calling – the four Methodist 'Our Calling' priorities:

Christian discipleship:

Being disciples today

The call to discipleship

The Christian journey:

Hearing God's voice

Through the day with God

God's people in the Old Testament 

The travelling people of God

Fed by the bread of life

The early Christian community:

The first Christians

Recognising Christ

Jesus - teacher, healer, saviour

Fed by the risen Lord 

Mary and Martha 

Our post-Easter experience:

Joy post-Easter  

Starting again – the Christian journey: post-Easter

From fear to hope

The world around us:

Give thanks

Change – Autumn

Lighten our darkness. a service for January / February 


banqueting-table-gettyimages-1199746550-croppedSpecial Sundays 

A number of the posts for Special Sundays gathered on Singing the Faith Plus include worship materials that you may find useful. Many of these can be used at any time of the year, to suit you. E.g. for Bible Sunday; Global Relationships Anytime Sunday; JMA Commissioning; Mission Sunday.




young-man-prayingTimes of Crisis

Faith in Crisis. How to we hold on to faith in times of crisis?





feeding-5000-mmac-croppedStorms and Picnics 

A series of services focusing on the 6th chapter of John's Gospel and using images from the Methodist Modern Art Collection

Introduction to Storms and Picnics

Congregation prayer and hymn sheet (to be used each week)

Week 1   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 2   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 3   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 4   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 5   Order of service    Sermon    Image 
Week 6   Order of service    Sermon    Image


the-worship-cloudThe Vine

The Vine resources are fully-scripted Local Arrangement services available every Sunday, edited by Tim Baker and developed by Twelve Baskets. Find out how your circuit can subscribe to these resources here: www.theworshipcloud.com/thevine



the-work-of-god-in-this-place-revReflections for church meetings

Now available online

". . . It also seems to be true that the more time given to listening to God, the more quickly a meeting goes."

The Work of God in This Place offers questions and thoughts under a range of themes, all designed to help us integrate our committee discussions and decisions with conversation about, and with, God.  Singing the Faith Plus contributed hymn suggestions for each theme, together with inspiring images for this attractive publication.