All Together Now

Intergenerational Ministry

Gareth Crispin


Healthy Togetherness

Martyn Payne


Building a Blended Church

Elle Bird


What: A FREE one day, live streamed conference exploring what it means to be intergenerational church community. What is it? What does it look like? How could it happen in my setting? What difference could it make to my congregation? Is it all-age worship repackaged? This event will help you to think intentionally about a being a church of different generations. Reflecting on both theory and practice - see intergenerational ministry in action!

Where: Anywhere! Come as you are! Enjoy all the rewards of this one day live-streamed conference with friends and colleagues from the comfort of your own sofa or office. Why not gather with those local to you - there may even be a hosted event near you! All you need to do is come to this webpage to watch - 

Who: It's for anyone engaging with different generations in church services and events.

Download a flyer for 2017's All Together Now conference (Pdf)

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