The Bible Doesn’t Tell Us So – Small Group Study Videos

There is a resource that may be helpful to our churches and is aimed at equipping churches to recognise and challenge domestic abuse and coercive control. It is made up of six video sessions for group study, and is called ‘The Bible Doesn’t Tell Us So’, funded by the MB Reckitt Trust, and based on the book  by Revd Dr Helen Paynter, Director of the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence (CSBV) titled ‘The Bible Doesn’t Tell Me So’

The book is called ‘The Bible Doesn’t Tell Me So:  Why you don’t have to submit to domestic abuse and coercive control' and is available from BRF online:  The Bible Doesn’t Tell Me So: Why you don’t have to submit to domestic – BRFonline

Access the webpage for the resource:  The Bible Doesn’t Tell Us So – Small Group Study Videos – CSBV (csbvbristol.org.uk)

As you may be aware, in an average year, 5.5% of adults in the UK experience domestic abuse. Sadly, the figures are almost identical within the UK church, in every denomination. In church as in the general population, financial, psychological, and family factors may combine to trap people in abusive situations. However, when domestic abuse occurs in a church setting, there are additional complexities which can prevent resolution of the situation. Some abusers use the Bible to manipulate their partners into complying or submitting. The sessions are as follows, with time for discussion and reflection, moving towards action points:

Session 1: Introduction. Provides an overview of domestic abuse: its presentation and prevalence in society and churches.   (With guest Bekah Legg, director of Restored, an organisation which seeks to equip the UK and international church to resist and respond to domestic abuse).

Session 2: The Ideal Wife? Digging into what the Bible does and doesn’t teach about marital roles.   (With guest Rev. David Batchelor, minister of South Street Free Church, Eastbourne.)

Session 3: Trapped By God? What does and doesn’t the Bible say about divorce in the case of abuse?  (With guest Rev. Dr David Instone Brewer, author of “Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible“.)

Session 4: Jesus Raging and Suffering. Looking at how the Bible in general, and Jesus in particular, views the suffering and the oppressed.  (With guests Rev. Dr David Firth and Dr Jayme Reaves.)

Session 5: Out of the Shadows. How can we cultivate an atmosphere in our churches that makes it easy for victims of abuse to disclose, and to believe that they will be taken seriously? (With barrister (legal advocate) Anna Vigars KC.)

Session 6: Next Steps. How can we move forwards to make our churches safer for people who experience domestic abuse?   (With Rev. Brendan Bassett, previously minister of Victoria Park Baptist Church, Bristol.)

 Watch the overview video here.  There is a suggested donation of £3 per participant if you choose to run the course.   If you are a leader, you are welcome to email the Administrator to preview the full content