What happens at a Safeguarding Panel

This leaflet may be useful to: 

  • Those that are the subject of a Connexional Risk Assessment or their pastoral supporter or someone with line management or oversight of them.
  • Those attending a Safeguarding Panel as a District Chair or their representative.

It provides an introduction to panel format, panel membership and what you should expect to happen at a panel.


Risk Assessment: A Guide for the Subject

 Target audience: those who are the subject of a safeguarding risk assessment

This includes the assessment process and what they can expect, include guidance as to choosing a pastoral support, timescales, interaction with complaints and discipline matters and sources of help. May 2018.

Risk Assessment: A Guide for Contributors

 Target audience: those who may be invited to contribute to a risk assessment  because they were closely involved with the circumstances in the past or present.  This may include victims/survivors. May 2018.

Risk Assessment : A Guide for Ministers

 Target audience: ministers, District Chairs, Superintendents

This will include guidance as to the roles a minister might play in a risk assessment process and what they can expect, including guidance as to who is suitable to be a pastoral support, process & timescales and interaction with complaints and discipline. May 2018.

Risk Assessment : A Guide for Pastoral Supporters

 Target audience: pastoral supporters

This will include role, suitability, additional needs/diversity matters of subject, process & timescales. Feb 2020

Risk Assessment: A Guide for Congregations

 Target audience: congregation and members

This leaflet will support presbyters and others who need to respond to concerns raised by those within congregations when a member or attendee is subject to inquiry or risk assessment in relation to a safeguarding concern.  It will focus on providing answers to questions that are regularly asked at such times. May 2018.