Letting Property and External use of Premises

Church Councils are required to ensure that those who use their premises under license (or who hire the premises for regular or occasional use) are given a copy of the local church safeguarding policy and declare their willingness to comply with the safeguarding policy of the Methodist Church or comparable equivalent guidelines and procedures (such as Scouting and Guiding national safeguarding policy).   External Users' Safeguarding Policy Declaration Agreement 

Depending on whether the arrangement with a third party is a one-off hire, regular part-time use under a licence or exclusive use under a lease, the requirements under charity law, Methodist law, policy and best practice are very different.

Please follow the link below for more information:

Link: https://www.tmcp.org.uk/property/letting-property-and-third-party-use

Form E - The safeguarding clause in the standard licence and template booking form replaces the need to complete Form E

Keyholder Declaration - Form D

The Methodist Church is not obliged to give anyone access to church premises unless access to the premises is required as part of their role or for regular hire of premises. Before the keys can be issued the key holder is asked to sign the declaration and acknowledge the conditions of issue.