Safeguarding Standing Orders Simplified

For some people the style which Methodist Church Standing Orders are written can make them difficult to understand.  

On this page, you can view, download or print six leaflets that seek to provide a simpler explanation of the standing orders relating to safeguarding.

These leaflets are intended to be given to anyone who becomes involved in a safeguarding matter and provide an explanation of how the safeguarding process work in the Methodist Church in less legalistic terms that the standing orders do.
They do not change the standing orders but have used simpler language to explain key areas of church safeguarding legislation.

Safeguarding Standing Orders – A Simplified Guide

This leaflet provides an explanation of the actions the Methodist Church takes to create safe spaces and promote a safer culture. April 2021

Safeguarding Standing Orders - The Safeguarding Committee

This leaflet describes the Methodist Church’s Safeguarding Committee, its purpose and composition. April 2021

Safeguarding Standing Orders - The Church and Public Protection

This leaflet explains the established procedures the Methodist Church has in place to enable those who present a safeguarding risk to be involved in a church community in a managed and safe way. April 2021

Safeguarding Standing Orders - Duty to Obtain Disclosures

This leaflet explains why and how the Methodist Church carries out background checks on its ministers, employees and volunteers who work closely with children, young people and adults who may be vulnerable. April 2021

Safeguarding Standing Orders - Safeguarding and Suspensions

This leaflet outlines how, if there are reasonable grounds to believe a safeguarding issue has arisen with a deacon, presbyter or probationer, they can be suspended from their role in the Church. April 2021

Safeguarding Standing Orders - Safeguarding and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act

This leaflet explains how the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, which deals with ‘spent and unspent convictions’ are applied in the Methodist Church. April 2021