Sexual Harassment - An interview with Dr Jane Meyrick

Sexual Harassment

An interesting and informative interview Podcast with Dr. Jane Meyrick, author of #MeToo for Men and Women:  Understanding Power through Sexual Harassment, who provides a detailed synopsis of her book and the evidence behind it.  Jane discusses patterns of sexual harassment and how sexual bullying can be used to express power; she also talks about the cause and impacts surrounding sexual harassment and abuse and the barriers to reporting it. 

Jane is dual qualified as a Chartered Health Psychologist and a Public Health Specialist.  She is a Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at University of the West of England and author of #MeToo for Men and Woman.

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If you are interested to find out more about Dr Meyrick's work:

Find the book online:  #MeToo for Women and Men: Understanding Power through Sexual Harassment

Check out Jane Meyrick’s website: www.DrJaneMeyrick.com Sexual Harassment, the sexual policing of gender