Q. Why are the Foundation module participant handbooks no longer available on the website?
A. We have recently developed the updated FM 2020(Modified 2022) materials. These are not an entirely new training but a combination of the best of the face-to-face and online versions Foundation Module 2020 materials. We hope this will be easier to deliver for the many trainers who have been leading both versions. The new materials also use the most recent Methodist branding, so hopefully look fresher. 

We haven't changed the Handbook but have updated the Workbook to fit with the new materials. This is available now, to download from the Trainers' section of the website. Your DSO should have circulated the password to that part of the website to all Circuit Trainers.

We realise that it is more work to have to produce Workbooks locally, but hope trainers will have help from their Circuits - each Workbook only requires 7 sheets of paper.

Q. How can I order Quick Reference Cards (a.k.a. Pocket Guides, tri-fold cards etc.)?


The revised and updated pocket guide (autumn 2022) includes information on what to do if you have concerns about possible abuse (including allegations), as well as helpline numbers and relevant websites. The quick reference cards are now available from Methodist Publishing in packs of 10.  Please order the number of packs you need..  Safeguarding Quick Reference Cards

Q. I have completed the Leadership/Advanced Module, do I need to redo the Foundation Module or only refresh the Leadership/Advanced Training?

A. If you have already done the Leadership/Advanced Module, you will now need to retake the Advanced Module every 4 years.   The Advanced Training has now replaced the Leadership Training.  You will not need to also retake the Foundation Module - this is because the Advanced module builds on the Foundation module.  This is to keep your training up to date.  

Q. I have completed the Foundation training, do I need to retake it?
A. It has been agreed that Foundation module training should be repeated every four years to keep up to date with requirements: If you have also completed the Advanced Module, you only need to repeat the Advanced Module. 
Q.  Many older volunteers have said that they feel daunted by the prospect of online safeguarding training and are considering stepping back from roles which require their attendance. Would it be possible to have a more flexible approach to Safeguarding training for older church members?
A. The Methodist Church values the ongoing input of our volunteers, many of whom have given of their time over many decades. We are not expecting everyone to complete their safeguarding training online. The online versions of the safeguarding training were developed to enable us to continue to deliver training despite the Lockdown conditions.

We will carry on using the online training now the restrictions have ended, to provide a useful alternative for many but we plan to deliver face to face training as well, especially for people who have difficulty accessing technology or who live in areas with poor Wi-Fi connections.