Methodist Council papers 2-4 April 2016

Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa


MC 16-33 Matters Arising

MC 16-34 Decisions made since the last meeting of the Council

MC 16-35 Report from the Strategy and Resources Committee (SRC) held on 26-27 February 

MC 16-36 Connexional Team Report

MC 16-37 Mapping a Way Forward: Regrouping for Mission research outcome

MC 16-38 The Budget

MC 16-39 District Allocations

MC 16-40 Ministries Committee

MC 16-41 Code of Conduct for Ministers

MC 16-42 Flexible patterns of working for Ministers

MC 16-43 Review of Mission Alongside the Poor programme

MC 16-44 Model Trust 20 request

MC 16-45 24 Somerset Road - request for increased budget

MC 16-46 MMPS - result of consultation 

MC 16-46 Appendix 1

MC 16-46 Appendix 2

MC 16-47 Resourcing Leadership

MC 16-49 Safeguarding Report

MC 16-50 Authorisation of small property works [M20 2015]

MC 16-51 Releasing Property - proposals for Property Development Committee

MC 16-52 Joint Public Issues Team - membership of the Church of Scotland

MC 16-53 Nominations and Appointments

MC 16-54 Homeworking Policy

MC 16-55 Annualised Hours Policy

MC 16-56 Connexional Allowances Committee report

MC 16-57 Ending of Reciprocal Arrangement with the URC

MC 16-58 Finance Sub-Committee terms of reference

MC 16-59 Investment Committee

MC 16-60 Southlands

MC 16-61 Dates of future Conferences 

MC 16-62 PCR Implementation Group - update

MC 16-63 Faith and Order Committee

MC 16-64 Exemptions from DBS - revised process

MC 16-65 Connexional Grants Committee

MC 16-66 Membership of the Council

MC 16-67 MMPS and PASLEMC appointments 

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