Conference Reports 2009

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Index to Volumes One and Two

Conference Rules of Procedure

Expectations of Various Groups

Election and Induction of the President and Vice President (1)

General Secretary's Report (2)

Fernely Hartley Trust (3)

The Trustees for Jersey Methodist Church Purposes (4)

The Trustees for the Methodist Connexional Funds (Registered) (5)

Westminster College Oxford Trust Ltd (6)

Trustees for the Bailiwick of Guernsey Methodist Church (7)

Methodist Ministers' Housing Society (8)

Managing Trustees of Central Hall Westminster (9)

Hope in God's Future: Christian Discipleship in the Context of Climate Change (10)

Connexional Allowances Committee (11)

Methodist Diaconal Order General Report (12)

Methodist Youth Conference Report (13)

Action for Children (14)

Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment (15)

Fresh Ways of Working Group 2009 (16)

The Faith and Order Committee: Section A (17)

The Faith and Order Committee: Section B (17)

The Faith and Order Committee: Section C (17)

The Faith and Order Committee: Section D (17)

The Faith and Order Committee: Section E (17)

Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF): Summary of Annual Report 2007-8 (18)

Methodist Homes for the Aged (MHA) (19)

The Trustees for Manx Methodist Church Purposes (20)

Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (21)

The Beckly Trust (22)

Board of Management for Methodist Independent Schools (23)

Report of the Managing Trustees of The New Room, Bristol (24)

Safeguarding and Safer Recruitment (25)

Stationing Committee (26)

Taking Forward the Stationing Review Group's Report (27)

Connexional Team Report (28)

Methodist Council (29)

Senior Officers of the Conference (30)

Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme (MMPS) (31)
Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme (MMPS) (32)

Living a Financial Discipleship: Connexional Team Budget 2009-10 (33)

Interim Report of the (Shadow) Methodist Heritage Committee (34)

Singing the Faith - The Music Resources Group Report (35)

Methodist Council Annual Report and Financial Statement for the year 2007/08 (36)

District Allocations for the year 2009/10 (37)

Relief and Extension Fund for Methodism in Scotland (38)

Revision of property legislation (39(1))

Committee on Methodist Law And Polity - Revision of property legislation (39)

Central Finance Board - Review of the year ended 28 February 2009(40)

Update on the Review of Committees, Advisory Groups and Reference Groups that Support the Connexional Team (41)

Annual Development Review (ADR) (42) 

World Church Relationships Staffing: A Review (43)

The use of Internet Banking for the Management of Church Accounts(44)

Our Ecumenical Calling: Making a difference together in the twenty-first century (45)

Youth Participation Strategy (46)

Authorisations Committee: Presidency at the Lord's Supper (47)

Authorisations (48)

Managing Trustees of Methodist Publishing House Report for the period ended 14 October 2008 (49)

Conference Arrangements (50)

Responding to an Anglican-Methodist Covenant (51)

Law and Polity Committee - Section A (52)

Connexional Grants and Related Matters (53)

Connexional Grants Committee (54)

Special Resolutions from the 2008 Conference(55)

Appointments of District Chairs (56)

Committee Appointments (57)

Memorials to the Conference (58)

Notices of Motion and Memorials referred to the Methodist Council (59)

Ministerial and Diaconal Oversight (60)

Amendments to Standing Orders (61)

Bristol District Resolution (62)

Formation of Cylchdaith Cymru/Cymru Circuit (63)

Additional Reports (64)

Consultation on Special Resolutions (65)