The district

Each district is made up of one or more circuits. It exists primarily to advance the mission of the Church in a region by providing support for the circuits in line with the connexional priorities.

Each district is led by a District Chair. As well as providing leadership within the district, the chair is a member of the Connexional Leaders’ Forum, with an overview of the whole connexion.

The District Synod sets the policy for the district, serving as a link between the Conference and the Connexional Team on the one hand and the circuits and local churches on the other.  It has oversight of all district affairs, formulating and promoting policies, through its various officers and committees to assist the mission of the Church, to give inspiration to the leaders in the circuits and to ensure the interrelation of all aspects of the Church’s life throughout the district.  The synod may bring matters to the Conference. 

The synod meets in representative session at least once each year.  They also hold a presbyteral session of the synod for presbyters, which is an opportunity for training as well as for debating issues.

Districts differ in terms of the kind of support they offer to local churches and circuits, but this can often include:

  • encouraging connexional priorities 
  • offering or subsidising training
  • giving pastoral care to presbyters, deacons and key lay people
  • providing people who represent Methodism to the local media
  • having an overview of legal obligations
  • organising large initiatives

Map of the Methodist Districts (Pdf)

List of districts with links to their websites