Conference Reports 2010

Reports here are noted either as presented (p) to Conference 2010 or accepted (a) by Conference. As soon as presented reports have been modified to reflect the outcome of the debate at Conference they will be listed as accepted.

Agenda Volume 1 consists of reports 1-26, Volume 2 reports 27-59 and  Volume 3  reports 60-64 and the list of Conference Members. All can be downloaded below. 

The Reports on this page are in Word doc format. To download please right-click and choose 'Open link in new tab' (or similar, depending on your browser)

Agenda Volume 1:

1.   Election and Induction of the President and the Vice-President (a)

2.   General Secretary's Report (a)

3.   Connexional Team Report (a)

4.   Connexional Central Services Budget (a)

5.   Connexional Allowances (a)

6.   Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment (a)

7.   Methodist Relief and Development Fund (a)

8.   Leading and Presiding: Developing the Presidency of the Conference (p)

9.   Action for Children (a)

10.  Abortion Statement Working Party Report (a)

11. The Living Wage (p)

12. Carbon Reduction (a)

13. Now is the Time: Advocating Progress Towards a World Free of Nuclear Weapons (a)

14. Justice for Palestine and Israel (a)

15. "...Racism is a Denial of the Gospel": NoM 203 (2009) (p)

16. Youth Participation Strategy Interim Report (a)

17. Methodist Youth Assembly 2009 (p)

18. Missing Generation Research (a)

19. Fresh Ways Working Group Report (a)

20. Urban Mission Review (a)

21.  Social Media Guidelines (a)

22.  The Beckly Trust (a)

23.  Fernley Hartley Trust (a)

24.  Trustees for the Bailiwick of Guernsey Methodist Church Purposes(a)

25.  Trustees for Jersey Methodist Church Purposes (a)

26.  Managing Trustees of Central Hall Westminster (a)

Agenda Volume 2:

27.  2011 Year of the Bible: Response to Biblefresh (a)

28.  The Faith and Order Committee (a)

29.  Singing the Faith - the Music Resources Group (MRG) Report (a)

30.  Methodist Council Report (a)

31.  Methodist Heritage Committee Report (a) 

32.  Towards an Inclusive Church (p)

33.  Women's Network: Methodist Women in Britain (a)

34.  Personnel Files for Ministers (a)

35. Recruiting Safely - for Work with Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults (p)

36. Safeguarding Adults - A Policy for Good Practice in the Care of Adults when they are vulnerable  (a)

37. Methodist Homes for the Aged (MHA) (a)

38. Early Retirement for Presbyters and Deacons through ill health (p)

39. Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme (p)

40. Ministries, Learning and Development (a)

41. Wesley College, Bristol (a) 

42. Report of the Stationing Committee (p)

43. Ecumenical Report (a)

44. Methodist Diaconal Order General Report (a)

45. Review of Committees, Advisory Groups and Reference Groups that support the work of the Connexional Team (a)

46. Appeals to Conference (p)

47. Law and Polity Committee Report (p)

48. Special Resolutions from the 2009 Conference (a)

49. Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (a)

50. The Trustees for the Methodist Connexional Funds (a)

51. Central Finance Board (a)

52. Board of Management for Methodist Independent Schools (a)

53. Relief Extension Fund for Methodism in Scotland (a)

54. The Trustees for Manx Methodist Church Purposes (a)

55. Managing Trustees of the New Room, Bristol (John Wesley's Chapel) (a)

56. Westminster College Oxford Trust Ltd (a)

57. Methodist Ministers' Housing Society (a)

58. Epworth Press Interim Reference Group (a)

59. Gambling and other Activities - Amendments to Standing Orders and Guidance (a)

Volume 3:

60. Southlands College (a)

61. Financial Reporting in the Methodist Connexion (Annual Accounts) (a)

62. North West Region Review Group (a)

63. Memorials to Conference (p)

64. Team Focus Review of the Resourcing Mission Office (a)

Conference Members