"Will you endeavour so to lead the Church under your care in unceasing mission that Christ's name may everywhere be proclaimed and that many may be brought to salvation and built up in that holiness without which no one shall see the Lord?"

Question put to the President at induction

Each year at the Methodist Conference, the following year's President (always an ordained presbyter) and Vice-President (always a lay person or deacon) are elected.

John Wesley himself was the original President of the Methodist Conference, but after his death it was agreed that in future, so much authority would not be placed in the hands of one man.

Instead, the President would be elected for one year only, to sit in Wesley's chair.

"Will you endeavour so to discharge the duties of your office that under your leadership all the members of the Church may be encouraged in the exercise of their ministry, strengthened in their witness, and kept alive to their charge?"

Question put to the Vice-President at induction

When lay people were admitted to the Conference in 1878, a lay Vice-President was also elected, and the two now serve in partnership.

The President and Vice-President follow Wesley's example in travelling the length and breadth of Great Britain. They preach widely and contribute articles to the Methodist press, often choosing a particular emphasis or theme for their year. They represent Methodism in the wider world.

Former Presidents and Vice-Presidents often continue to exercise influence in senior Methodist committees and decision making bodies.

Current President and Vice-President

The President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Helen Cameron and the Vice-President, Carolyn Godfrey began their year of office on 29 June 2024.  You will be able to read about them and keep up their appointment schedule here, and read their stories on the Methodist Blog.

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