Conference reports 2021

1 Election and Induction of the President and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference

2 First Report of the Conference Business Committee

3 Methodist Council part 1

4 Appointment of the Assistant Secretary of the Conference

5 Conference Arrangements

6 Report of the Presbyteral Session Business Committee  

7 Connexional Allowances Committee

8 Ministry in the Methodist Church

9 Trustees for the Bailiwick of Guernsey Methodist Church Purposes

10 Trustees for Jersey Methodist Church Purposes

11 Methodist Forces Board

12 Methodist Homes MHA

13 Unified Statement of Connexional Finances

14 Methodist Ministers Pension Scheme MMPS

15 Safeguarding Report

16 Trustees of the New Room, John Wesley's Chapel and Charles Wesley's house Bristol

17 Action for Children

18 Joint Advisory Committee on the Ethics of Investment (JACEI)

19 Ecumenical Report

20 Connexional Central Services Budget for three years commencing with 2021/22

21 Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes

22 Methodist Schools

23 Committee on Methodist Law and Polity (1)

24 Joint Covenant Advocacy and Monitoring Group

25 Methodist Council part 2

26 Changing Patterns of Ministry

27 The Theology of Safeguarding

28 Conference Diaconal Committee

29 3Generate 2020 - Methodist Children &Youth Assembly

30 Oversight and Trusteeship

31 Faith and Order Committee: Oversight and Trusteeship

32 Climate change and fossil fuels: response to
Memorial 32 (2017) and Conference reply

33 Relief and Extension Fund for Methodism in Scotland

34 All We Can - Methodist Relief and Development

35 Deferred Special Resolution

36 Transforming Lives A Schools' Educational Strategy for the Methodist Church

    36 Appendix C (Word doc)
    36 Appendix D
    36 Appendix E

37 Faith and Order Committee Report

38 Deliverance Ministry Guidelines

39 Holy Communion and Online Worship

40 Reflective Supervision Report

41 Pension Scheme Actuarial Valuations

42 Stationing Committee

43 Managing Trustees of the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

44 Referred Memorials and Notices of Motion

45 Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church

46 Committee on Methodist Law and Polity 2

47 Authorisations Committee 

48 Ministerial Candidates and Probationers Oversight Committee

49 Permissions to Serve

50 Presbyteral Transfers and Reinstatements

51 Appointment of District Chairs and the Warden of the Diaconal Order

52 Committee Appointments

53 Presbyters and Deacons from other Churches

54 Presbyters and Deacons Becoming Supernumerary or Returning to the Active Work

55 Appreciations

56 Strategy for Justice Dignity and Solidarity working towards a fully inclusive Methodist Church

57 Methodist Ministers Housing Society MMHS

58 Methodist Diaconal Order

59 Marriage and Relationships Provisional Resolutions updated 
Please note - This is the up-to-date version of the report and there are some differences between this version and that in the Agenda Vol 3 (printed and online)

60 The response of the Faith and Order Committee to the God in Love Unites Us report

61 Memorials to the Conference

62 Looking to the future


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Conference Handbook

Members of the Conference

Conference Rules of Procedure