Methodist Council papers 25-26 January 2017

Horwood House, Milton Keynes



MC17-1 Decisions made by the Council since the last meeting

MC17-2 Matters arising

MC17-3 Report from the Strategy and Resources Committee

MC17-4 Report from the Connexional Team

MC17-5 Follow up from group discussions in October

MC17-6 Transfer of managing trusteeship from the Network Committee to the Property Development Committee

MC17-7 Pension contribution levels review (M17, M18 (2016))

MC17-8 Community of Methodist and Wesleyan Churches in Europe - community

MC17-9 Budget principles

MC17-10 Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee - changes to Standing Orders

MC17-11 Taking forward the Larger than Circuit Resolutions

MC17-12 Safeguarding policies - report of scrutiny group

MC17-12 Safeguarding procedures

MC17-13 The 2016 Conference Resolutions 34/2 and 34/3

MC17-14 District Safeguarding Officers - increasing time across districts

MC17-15 Covenants of Care working group

MC17-16 An audit of the implementation of the Past Cases Review

MC17-18 Ministerial Code of Conduct Working Party

MC17-19 Developing Vocations

MC17-20 Framework for local unity - Churches Together in England

MC17-21 M21 (2016) Accounting Software

MC17-22 Appointments

MC17-23 Leasing of Methodist Premises

MC17-24 Fracking - Proposed response to Notice of Motion 2016/207

MC17-25 Methodist Heritage Committee update on the European section of the World Methodist Historical Society

MC17-26 Joseph Rank Trust

MC17-27 Circuit Stewards - update on response to Memorial M14 (2016)