Views of the Church

Below are the views of the Methodist Church on some contemporary issues.


Christians believe that human beings are created in God's image.

Whilst pregnancy will bring joy to some, it may be a source of fear or distress for others.

If you would appreciate a confidential, compassionate and non-judgmental conversation, please contact your local Methodist Minister.

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Non-alcoholic wine is used for Holy Communion and alcohol is not allowed on Methodist premises (other than conference centres).

We want to make Methodist premises safe for everyone who has been affected or harmed by the abuse of alcohol.


Methodists have supported people seeking liberation from addictions and campaigned for legislation to protect people from harm.

Many churches host Alcoholics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous Groups, and there is a growing movement of Recovery Churches.

Speak to your GP for advice and help, and contact for your local Methodist minister to explore local or online support.

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Assisted Dying and end of life care

Modern medicine is enabling people to live longer and has increased the range of drugs available for treatment and pain relief.

However it has also increased public awareness of the anguish that a long, painful or incapacitating terminal illness may cause to the patient and their families.

Christians have different views on these matters and additional resources can be found here

Sexuality (including LGBTQI+)

God loves us and has created humanity to enjoy intimate and sexual relationships. We recognize that each and every person is equally valued and loved no matter what their gender identity or sexual orientation.

The Methodist Church encourages everybody to bring their true selves to worship and ministry, so that the full diversity of God’s kingdom can be revealed.

The Methodist Church now holds two understandings of marriage – that marriage can only be between a man and a woman and that marriage can be between any two people. Many Methodist Churches are now authorized to conduct same sex marriages or blessings.

The charity Dignity and Worth has a map of Methodist Churches authorised to conduct same sex marriages.

Read more about the Methodist Church’s decisions on Marriage and Relationships.