The Orb and Cross


On most Methodist publications you will see the Orb and Cross. It has been carefully chosen to express the Methodist Church’s deepest beliefs.

The Orb represents the world. The colour red, the traditional colour of Pentecost, may be taken to symbolise the Methodist conviction that through the power of the Holy Spirit, all humanity may be saved.

The Orb is charged with a radiant Cross, which, like the field it is set on, is white, celebrating the glory of the risen Saviour.

There is no boundary to the arms of the cross, just as there are no limits to the grace of God. Ours is a faith that addresses the deepest longings of the heart, but it is always turned outwards to the world and its needs.

Methodist Red

  • Pantone 186
  • C15 M100 Y100 K5
  • R206 G14 B45
  • Hex #ce0e2d