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the connexion is a free magazine about the life and work of the Methodist Church, bringing together inspirational stories from Methodist people who are passionate about sharing God’s love to change lives.

We’ve been living in difficult circumstances for almost a year now, but in his Reflection, the Revd Dr George Bailey says we can each find our God-given place to shine. 

The Revd Andrew Harper has found his: the innovative ‘TheologyX’, which is allowing people the world over to access theology texts.

In the UK, the Revd Catherine Hutton has used YouTube to reach people in lockdown, while Elaine Lindridge rejoices at neighbours opening their doors to worship as ‘church on the street’. 

Three prison chaplains say it’s a joy to witness lives transformed by God’s light, and both the Revd Georgina Bondzi-Simpson and the staff at the Bristol New Room speak of Methodists’ pivotal role in the fight against racism and slavery. JPIT urges us all to ‘the light of full life’ in ending debt and climate crises and two young Christians discuss what ‘allyship’ means and how to end racial inequality.

Finally, is darkness all bad? The Revd Cathy Bird thinks it is both God-given and essential to life….

All this and more in the connexion issue 21 Winter 2021 - ‘Light of Life’ 



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