Methodist Council papers 1-2 February 2010


MC1001: Matters arising

MC1002: Social Media

MC1003: The Living Wage

MC1004: Report of the Abortion Statement Working Group

MC1005: Review of committees

MC1006: Music Resources Group: The rolling resource

MC1007: Our World Church Partnerships: Future strategy

MC1008: World Church background paper: All Partners Consultation

MC1009: World Church background paper: Grant making

MC1010: World Church background paper: Financial trends

MC1011: World Church background paper: Personnel

MC1013: World Church Relationships

MC1014: Israel Palestine working group report

MC1015: Women's Network in the Methodist Church

MC1016: Epworth Press

MC1017: Exhibitions and Advertising Policy for the Conference

MC1018: Working party on the Roles of the President and Vice-President of the Conference

MC1019: Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme Benefits Review

MC1020: One Connexion: Many Nations and Jurisdictions

MC1021: Disciple All: A Connexional Team Mission For Discipleship 2010-2013

MC1022: Equality and Diversity Report for Conference: Present situation and Recommendations

MC1023: Notice of Motion 203: "...Racism is a denial of the gospel"

MC1024: Urban Mission Review

MC1025: Best Practice in Research

MC1026: Governance Scrutiny Process Proposals

MC1027: Interim Report on Hope in God's Future Consultation

MC1028: Carbon Reduction Project

MC1029: Guidance on Internet Banking

MC1030: Policy Guidance to the Connexional Grants Committee

MC1031: Report from the Business and Economic Affairs Forum (BEAF)

MC1032: Membership of the Ministerial and Diaconal Candidate Selection Committees (MCSC and DCSC)

MC1033: Proposed Amendment to The Leys and St Faith's School Foundation Scheme

MC1034: Nominations and Appointments

MC1035: Recruiting Safely - for work with children, young people and vulnerable adults