Methodist Council papers 6-8 April 2019

6-8 April 2019
Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa




MC/19/29 Report from the Strategy and Resources Committee 

MC/19/30 Connexional Team report

MC/19/31 Connexional Central Services Budget

MC/19/32 Wesley House

MC/19/33 Connexional Allowances Committee

MC/19/34 Legal and Property Support for Managing Trustees Implementation Group - update

MC/19/35 Global Relationships Strategic Oversight Sub-Committee - The United Methodist Church General Conference 

MC/19/36 Priorities for Mission in Britain grants

MC/19/37 One Mission Forum 

MC/19/38 Faith and Order Committee

MC/19/39 Ministries Committee

MC/19/40 Heritage Strategy

MC/19/41 Memorials Committee

MC/19/42 Mission and Ministry in Covenant - Church in Wales and Scottish Episcopal Church

MC/19/43 Methodist Council objectives

MC/19/44 'The Unfinished Agenda' - Progress report

MC/19/44A 'The Unfinished Agenda' - Additional report

MC/19/45 Appointing members of the Council in between Conferences 

MC/19/46 Chair of the Conference Business Committee

MC/19/47 Nominations and Appointments

MC/19/48 Matters arising

MC/19/49 Nominations and appointments 

MC/19/50 Methodist Schools Committee

MC/19/51 Synod Cymru/The Wales Synod

MC/19/ 52 Safeguarding policy amendments 

MC/19/53 M22(2016) Safeguarding System - update

MC/19/54 Methodist Schools appointments

MC/19/55 Code Conduct - update

MC/19/56 Health and Safety Statement 

MC/19/57 Net zero emissions

MC/19/58 Human Trafficking

MC/19/59 Financial support to ministers in non-UK territories

MC/19/60 Global relationships Committee and the World Methodist Committee

MC/19/61 City Centre List

MC/19/62 Use of Church Buildings

MC/19/63 Supervision Policy update