Twinning Training

This set of short films and questions have been prepared by Global Relationships to help you and your church prepare to form a good twinning relationship.

There are five short films and some suggested questions with each. Please get in touch with Global Relationships if you have any questions.

1. Mission Today

Rev. Dr Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman reflects on the changing nature of global mission.

Question 1.  Stop the video at 4mins.  Reflect on Daniel's questions.

Question 2. How has your church benefitted from mission FROM the margins?

Question 3.  Reflect on this video and your ideas about for twinning.


2.  Money and Power in Global Partnerships

In this short film Rev. Dr Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman explores the problems of money and power in our global partnerships.

Question 1.  Daniel recalls being unconscious of his relative power and wealth, how can you reflect on that as a church and how might it impact on your twinning relationship?

Question 2. Athumani shared how western organisations have impacted himself and his family?  What were the positive and negative elements of that impact?

Question 3.  What kind of pitfalls are there in charity, power, cultural expectations, even when we think we are being helpful in partnership?

(Note: Please consult with Global Relationships if you are thinking about financial giving and receiving between your partner congregations)


3. Sharing Gifts

In this video Rev. Dr Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman shares the ways in which his life and ministry have been enriched in sharing with churches in other cultures.

Question 1.  Daniel was encouraged by the everyday church life in Ghana.  What are the ordinary, everyday, things about your church life that might enrich or encourage others?  (e.g. safeguarding is an area that many partner churches have expressed interest in)

Question 2. How do you hope or expect to be inspired and enriched in your twinning relationship and how could these expectations be in unexpected places?

Question 3.  What will an openness to receive and learn (or re-learn) look like in your twinning relationship, what actions will you take to enable this?


4. Crossing Cultures

In this short video Rev. Dr Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman shares some reflections on crossing cultures in different areas of life.

Question 1. Reflect on the onion model of values.  Is it helpful to you?  Are there core values mentioned that you resonate with?

Question 2. Discuss: What are the areas of core values that might cause you to react as a church group in partnership with another across cultures?

Question 3. How can you 'get to know' different cultures and are there persons who have wisdom that you can respectfully learn from in this area of twinning.


5. Race, Racism and Unconscious Bias

In this video Grace and Daniel Pratt Morris-Chapman reflect and share experiences of racism and bias.

Question 1. Stop the video at 4 mins 17 seconds and consider the questions from Grace.

Question 2. Discuss the questions from Grace at 5 mins 32 seconds in to the video about assumptions

Question 3. Discuss the principles for deconstructing prejudice toward the end of the video.  Is there anything else you could add?