Rachel and Sylvester Deigh


Revd Rachel and Revd Sylvester Deigh are Mission Partners to serving with the Methodist Church Sierra Leone (MCSL).

You can follow them on their blog : www.ondadikotintri.co.uk  or on twitter : @KotinTri

Sylvester and Rachel arrived in Sierra Leone in December 2021. Sadly, three days before their arrival, the Coordinator of MCSL's Strategic Plan in the Conference Office, with whom Sylvester was due to work died suddenly. As Sylvester puts it: “I was thrust immediately into a crisis” and he now works closely with the leadership of the Methodist Church Sierra Leone in developing, consulting and implementing the Strategic plan for the Conference.

Rachel teaches at the 'College of Theology and Management and Church Training Centre' in Freetown. Both Sylvester and Rachel serve in separate Circuits in Freetown and are active ministers in their churches.  They make a vital contribution to the life of the Methodist Church in Sierra Leone.

Please pray for Sylvester and Rachel and the Methodist Church, Sierra Leone.  All Mission Partners are financed through the World Mission Fund, to give your support click here.

You can download their prayer card here.