Nationals in Mission Appointments

Nationals in Mission Appointments (NMAs) These appointments encourage and support local people in key mission projects in their own countries. There are over 100 NMA's working with partners around the world. Salaries are paid by the World Mission Fund (WMF) and enable new work to be developed.

Here is an example and stories of NMA's from Ecuador, Estonia and Ghana

National in Mission Appointment - Ecuador

Sandra Lopez - Partnership Coordinator for the Americas hears from Pastor Blanca, a National in Mission Appointment (NMA) in Ecuador, supported by the World Mission Fund from Methodists giving in Britain and Ireland.

National in Mission Appointment - Estonia

The leader of the Estonian United Methodist Church Youth Board is Ele Paju a National in Mission Appointment supported by the World Mission Fund.  Despite the restrictions during 2020 and 2021 she has overseen the development of a well-functioning Estonian Methodist Youth Team.  With the devoted and wholehearted input of the youth team members they have started teenage youth ministry and a camp for teenagers.   There has been increased cooperation between Russian and Estonian speaking youth. Ele has also overseen the training of youth leaders with a group of young people entering the school of mission on their own initiative.  Ele is pictured here on the far left with her young leaders. 

Read more from one of the young people here



National in Mission Appointments -  Ghana,

Dr Ni-Addo Bruce works with Buruli ulcer patients, mostly based at riverine areas. Mycobacterium ulcerans, is the causative agent that produces subcutaneous ulcers if not treated immediately. This often results in deformity with pronounced scar tissue. The disease is non-communicable, however patients are stigmatised and require livelihood skills to fend for themselves and family. He had treated more than 365 patients over four years and assisted post-surgical patients, especially those with deformities caused by the disease. The Methodist Church has offered heath care across affected communities and Dr Addo continues to provide preventative and curative solutions to these communities. MC Ghana was very appreciative of MC Britain support for affected patients these past years. It hopes to continue supporting the brave patients that survived surgery despite the challenge of stigma from families and communities. 

Dr Michael Busia is a general practitioner at the Lake Basin region. He oversees three primary health clinics that serves more than twenty communities with a population of 15,000 and more. He treats both communicable and noncommunicable diseases. The dwellers are mostly peasant farmers with poor road access. Malaria is common among children.  He performs blood tests for quick malaria diagnosis and advises use of mosquito nets and various insect repellent to reduce disease incidence. There are also a few non-communicable diseases especially hypotension requiring medication as well as lifestyle changes. 

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