Our heritage

Our heritage helps us to understand how our identity has been shaped; can inspire our plans for development; and is an innovative and effective medium through which to reach out.

In our unique museums you can find out about the origins of the Methodist movement and discover how, for nearly 300 years, Methodism has been influential in challenging social injustice.

We are working hard to preserve the Church's heritage for future generations, and to facilitate physical and digital access. That means recognising and caring for many important historic sites; conserving internationally-significant archives and artefact collections; and ensuring intangible but distinctive traditions, such as our hymn-singing, are valued and promoted in contemporary ways.

Visitors of all denominations and faiths, or of none, are welcome at historic Methodist sites. You are invited to share the story of this movement from its early days in the 18th century onwards.

Visit www.methodistheritage.org.uk to find the heritage sites in your region or sign up to receive the heritage newsletter. 

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