One Mission Bible Study

The One Mission Bible Study is an excellent resource for house groups to engage and explore One Mission in today's context, bringing together the local and global aspects of mission.

The five session study series is based around a short film based on the final journey of Revd Thomas Coke in 1813. As the drama unfolds we gain an insight to those going on the journey overseas and those left behind to look after the work at home.

Read and download the Bible Studies here:

Introduction: For each one of us (Pdf)
Part one: Called to serve (Pdf)
Part two: Giving all we can (Pdf)
Part three: Praying for a change (Pdf)
Part four: One Mission (Pdf)

Download the whole film:
(500 MB)

Download clips from the film:

Clip 1
www.methodist.org.uk/downloads/wcr-eastwardho-clip1.mp4 (16 MB)

Clip 2
www.methodist.org.uk/downloads/wcr-eastwardho-clip2.mp4 (21 MB)

Clip 3
www.methodist.org.uk/downloads/wcr-eastwardho-clip3.mp4 (8 MB)

Clip 4
www.methodist.org.uk/downloads/wcr-eastwardho-clip4.mp4 (10 MB)

Clip 5
www.methodist.org.uk/downloads/wcr-eastwardho-clip5.mp4 (22 MB)

Clip 6
www.methodist.org.uk/downloads/wcr-eastwardho-clip6.mp4 (30 MB)

Clip 7
www.methodist.org.uk/downloads/wcr-eastwardho-clip7.mp4 (15 MB)