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November 2017
Sierra Leone, Pakistan, Argentina, East Africa, and Antigua

October 2017
The Caribbean, Zimbabwe, China, Costa Rica and Japan

September 2017
The Pacific, Chile, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Colombia

July- August 2017
South Korea, South India, Colombia and Zimbabwe

June 2017
Fiji, Colombia, Myanmar and Zimbabwe

May 2017
Cuba, Pakistan, Portugal and Nigeria

April 2017
South Korea, Russia and El Salvador

March 2017
Jamaica, Zambia, Bolivia, Guatemala and more

Jan-Feb 2017: Milestones 
Haiti, Kenya, Fiji, Benin, Sri Lanka and Panama

December 2016: Refugee Update
Zambia, Mexico, Europe, Sri Lanka and Lebanon

November 2016
Mexico, Haiti, Ecuador and Chile, Pakistan, Europe and Kenya

October 2016
Mexico, Fiji, Hong Kong, Kenya and Albania

August-September 2016
Nepal, Ecuador, Europe, Sri Lanka and the National Council of Churches in India

July 2016
South Korea, Sierra Leone, Nicaragua, Ghana, Italy and more!

June 2016
Zimbabwe, Ecuador, Pakistan, Zambia and Peru!

May 2016
Europe, Pakistan, Brazil, Rwanda, Solomon Islands and the Leeward Islands! 

April 2016
Fiji, Korea, Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, South Africa and Bangladesh!

March 2016
Cuba, China, Europe, Nepal, Grenada and Togo!

January-February 2016
Zambia, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Benin, and Peru

December 2015
A Special Edition with a one-off focus on refugees 

November 2015
South Africa, Pakistan, Colombia, Fiji and Rwanda 

October 2015
Europe, Asia and the Pacific 

September 2015
Benin, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Grenada, and Japan

August 2015
Rwanda, Nigeria, Solomon Islands and Colombia

July 2015
Caribbean and Americas, Guyana, Kenya, Nepal, El Salvador, Jamaica, Tunisia

June 2015
El Salvador, Fiji, South Africa, Nepal, Cameroon, Kenya and Papua New Guinea 

May 2015
Ghana, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Italy, China, Colombia, Germany and South Africa

April 2015
Ghana, Fiji, Grenada, Rwanda and Mozambique    

March 2015
Europe, Solomon Islands, Pakistan, Costa Rica, and Zambia  

January/February 2015
Dubai, India, Nicaragua, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Ukraine and Kenya