Methodist Council papers 2-4 April 2022

 2-4 April 2022

 Draft minutes January 2022

MC22/34 Nomination of the Chair of the Council

MC22/35 Connexional Team Report to the Council

MC22/36 Impact Measurement

MC22/37 Report of the Task Group for Regional and District Structure Planning

MC22/38 Constitution of the Conference

MC22/39 Wales Synod Cymru Implementation Group Report to the Methodist Council

MC22/40 Methodist Schools Committee : Annual Report 2020/21

MC22/41 Ministries Committee

MC22/42 Local Lay-Pastors

MC22/43 The Covenant Relationship between the Church and its ministers

MC22/44 The Methodist Diaconal Order Rule of Life

MC22/45 Connexional Allowances Committee Annual Report

MC22/46 Draft Connexional Central Services Budget for 3 years commencing 2022/23

MC22/47 Pension Schemes

MC22/49 Report from the JDS Shadow Committee

MC22/50 Methodist Church Conversion Therapy Policy

MC22/51 Action for Hope

MC22/52 Audit of Safeguarding Practice Across the Church

MC22/53 Deliverance Ministry Guidelines

MC22/54 Report of the Faith and Order Committee

MC22/56 Matters Arising

MC22/57 Decisions made by the Council since its last meeting

MC22/58 Nominations and Appointments

MC22/59 Methodist Schools - Appointments for Methodist Academies and Schools Trust

MC22/60 Membership of the Ministerial Candidates and Probationers Oversight Committee

MC22/61 City Centre List update

MC22/62 General authority to sign documents on behalf of the Methodist Council

MC22/63 Sales of 240 Abbeyfield Road, Sheffield

MC22/64 Ecumenical Partnerships, Sharing Agreements, and Ecumenical Areas

MC22/65 Mission Committee: Standing Orders and Nominations Process

MC22/66 Proposal Regarding the Continuation of the A S Peake Memorial Trust

MC22/67 Birmingham International Student Homes

MC22/68 Methodist Ministers' Housing Society (MMHS)