Methodist Council papers 16-17 October 2017

High Leigh Conference Centre, Hoddesdon


MC17-79 Appointment of new members of the Council

MC17-80 Matters arising from the Council minutes

MC17-81 Report from the Strategy and Resources Committee held on 27 April 2017

MC17-82 Report from the Connexional Team

MC17-83 Work from the Conference

MC17-84 Update on work from the Conference

MC17-85 Special Resolution from the Conference

MC17-86 Process for nominating the Chair of the Council

MC17-87 Property Development Committee

MC17-88 Property Development Committee - strategy

MC17-89 Property Development company

MC17-90 Model Trust 20 application - Sidwell Street

MC17-91 Leasing of Methodist premises - Sunday trading

MC17-92 All We Can update

MC17-DP1 and MC17-DP2 Presentation from the Connexional Leaders' Forum: Statistics for Mission - responding to the call of God

MC17-94 Role of the Network Committee

MC17-95 Risk Management Policy update and discussion

MC17-96 Marriage and Relationships Task Group

MC17-97 Review of the Replacement Project Criteria

MC17-98 Connexional Grants Committee

MC17-99 Committee appointments

MC17-100 Decisions made by the Council since the last meeting

MC17-101 Connexional Manse Trustees annual report

MC17-102 Sharing agreements

MC17-103 Auxiliary Special Purposes Fund

MC17-104 Managing Trusteeship of 24 Somerset Road

MC17-105 Authorisations and Delegations

MC17-106 Heritage Committee

MC17-107 The working group considering the Methodist Diaconal Order as a religious order

MC17-108 Methodist Independent Schools Trust - appointment of trustees

MC17-109 Appointments of directors of the Methodist Lay Employees Pension Trust Limited 

MC17-110 Global Relationships Strategic Oversight Sub-Committee

MC17-111 Connexional Grants Committee annual report