Methodist Council papers 14-16 April 2018

14-16 April 2018
Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa


MC/18/26 Nomination of the Chair of the Council 

MC/18/27 Renomination of the Chair of the Strategy and Resources Committee 

MC/18/28 Training Review

MC/18/29 Report from the Strategy and Resources Committee

MC/18/30 Notice of Motion 2017/206 Growth plan/end of life plan

MC/18/31 Connexional Team report

MC/18/32 Connexional Central Services Budget

MC/18/33 District Allocations

MC/18/34 Connexional Allowances Committee

MC/18/35 The Future of Methodist Church House 

MC/18/36 Legal and Property Support

MC/18/37 Notice of Motion 2017/202: Applications for grants from the National Lottery

MC/18/38 Ministries Committee

MC/18/39 Data Protection policy

MC/18/40 Sales under paragraph 20 of the Model Trusts

MC/18/41 Replacement projects

MC/18/42 Pension and Assurance Scheme for Lay Employees

MC/18/43 Methodist Ministers' Pension Scheme

MC/18/46 EDI Committee - Proposals for revisions to Standing Orders

MC/18/47 EDI Committee - Response to resolution 27/9 (2017) 

MC/18/49 Matters arising

MC/18/50 Decisions made

MC/18/51 EDI analysis

MC/18/52 Southlands Methodist Trust

MC/18/53 Faith and Order Committee

MC/18/54 Review of the Safeguarding Committee

MC/18/55 Methodist Schools Committee

MC/18/56 Process for appointing the next chair of the Strategy and Resources Committee

MC/18/57 Westminster College Oxford Trust Ltd

MC/18/58 Training for Ordained Ministries update

MC/18/59 Ecumenical Associate members of the 2019 Conference

MC/18/60 Synod Cymru/The Wales Synod

MC/18/61 M22 (2016) update report

MC/18/62 M21 (2016) update report

MC/18/63 Safeguarding policy amendments

MC/18/64 Risk Assessment policy amendments

MC/18/65 Methodist Schools appointments

MC/18/66 Record-keeping guidance