Methodist Council papers 30-31 March 2007

Council Agenda

Minutes of Jan 07 Council

Minutes of Jan 07 SRC

Minutes of Feb 07 SRC

Team Focus Papers

Part A: The essential reading prior to the Council meeting. The opening chapter sets out what the subsequent chapters contain.

Part B: A series of Supporting Papers which spell out additional detail behind some of the more complex subjects addressed in Part A. Half of these Papers deal with financial matters.

Part C: Provides the full texts of the final reports of Ground-clearing Projects 2 and 3 as they were delivered to the Joint Secretaries Group (JSG).

MC0733: Grant-making rules: compliance with auditing and Charity Commission requirements

MC0734: The Methodist Council consolidated accounts

MC0735: Report of the Review Group on the role of the General Secretary of the Methodist Church

MC0736: Methodist Council reference group on leadership

MC0738: Guidlines for churches dealing with extremist political parties

MC0740: Caring for creation in the face of climate change

MC0741: Proposed Hymn Book supplement

MC0742: Training Institutions Review Group

MC0743: Connexional Team Budget - 2007/2008

MC0743: Connexional Team Budget 2007/2008 cont.. spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel file)

MC0744: Responses to the 'What Sort of Bishops?'

MC0745: Fresh Expressions

MC0746: Towards the Methodist Church of the Gambia autonomy update

MC0748: Development of the Methodist Church in Wales

MC0749: Guidelines for constructive corporate engagement related to Israel/Palestine

MC0750: Appointment of Mission Partners

MC0751: Employment Protections for Presbyters and Deacons and a Handbook for Presbyters and Deacons

MC0752: Creating Safer Space - A Connexional safeguarding training framework

MC0753: Archives and History Committee

MC0755: Secretary of the Faith and Order Committee

MC0757: Connexional Audit Committee

MC0758: Presbyteral and Diaconal Candidates - timescale for appeals

MC0759: Connexional Trustees for Connexional Offices Manchester

MC0760: One Connexion: Many Nations and Jurisdictions

MC0761: Interim report of the Stationing Review Group

MC0762: Pensions and Assurance Scheme for Lay Employees

MC0763: Extension of the appointment of the Revd Dr Roger Walton as Director of the Wesley Study Centre for one year until 31 August 2009

MC0765: MRDF Working group report

MC0767: Grievance procedures for Ministers and Deacons

MC0769: Model Trust monies and General monies

MC0770: The work of the Faith and Order committee 2006-2007

MC0771: The Progress of the Implementation of the 'Extending Discipleship and Exploring Vocation' (2006) Report