Junior Mission for All

 The JMA promise is to: 

Learn, pray and serve  with the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ.

unior Mission for All (JMA) was created so that children would be able to learn about and support the mission of the Church in a fun, creative and engaging way. It is also about sharing the insights of God's people all over the world with children in our churches.

JMA is part of the Methodist Church’s mission programme. Children and young people raise funds for JMA to support the Methodist Church’s World Mission Fund and Mission in Britain Fund.

Last year, JMA collectors raised well over £97,000. Of this, 80% went to the World Mission Fund to help 60 Partner Churches in Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific. The other 20% supported Methodist mission projects across the UK.

Important Notice

Dear JMA secretary, Publication of the Rainbow Easter edition was well underway as the lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis came into force. We fully appreciate you will not be able to share these copies of Rainbow yet, as you usually would. Kindly hold on to your copies of the magazine until the lockdown restrictions end and it is safe for you to distribute these magazines. Do not make unnecessary journeys to distribute them – please stay at home and stay safe until after the coronavirus crisis is over. Then, we hope you will be able to use the magazines to reconnect with your JMA members, and share the good news of what God is doing through the Methodist people at home and around the world. Please feel free to share with your JMA group the PDF version of the magazine available on this page, which they can read online or download to their desktop.

Rainbow magazine

Rainbow is the JMA magazine telling inspiring stories about mission around Britain, Ireland and the world, from a child’s point of view.

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In the current edition:

In our Easter edition of Rainbow, we celebrate how each one of us has different abilities and unique talents – and how we are all special in God’s eyes. 

Never give up! We speak to some children and young people who don’t let their disabilities stop them from following their dreams:

- King George VI, Zimbabwe:  We hear from Ntombi, Laura and former pupil Luckmore (now the school’s gardener), who talk to us about their life and their wonderful school.

- Brilliant Becky: She can’t walk or talk, yet our wonderful Becky preached to 6,000 people at the Greenbelt festival, where she made a big splash. Read more about all the things Becky is doing in this edition of Rainbow.

- That's the Spirit!  We travel to the Bank Street Methodist Church (West Midlands) who run fun and creative groups to help children with special needs as well as their parents, brothers and sisters.

 - Games galore: Help our friends Jodi and Toby avoid wheelchair hurdles at the theatre; play Kudoda like a Zimbabwean and follow our recipe to make some yummy mapopo for yourself, your family and your friends!

Here are the solutions to the games in this edition: Disability word search (page 2), and Theatre Maze (page 8).

You can also download and print:

- The Mapopo recipe

- A Zimbabwean flag to colour in


 Watch the videos about Ntombi (King George VI, Zimbabwe) and brilliant Becky below!


King George VI School (KGVI) in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe is the special project that JMA Ireland is praying for and supporting this year.

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