Commissioning Service

What is the JMA Commissioning Service?

 The JMA Commissioning Service provides an opportunity to acknowledge the particular contribution of JMA groups and for wider reflection on how we share in God’s mission for the sake of the world.

The service usually takes place during an act of worship. Certificates and badges can be presented or sent to JMA collectors, while also acknowledging the work of the JMA secretary and celebrating the work that all their fundraising enables.

Certificates,  service sheets and prayer cards  can be downloaded below, including large print versions. JMA resources will be available to order from Methodist Publishing after lockdown. All items are free.

JMA Commissioning Service 2020

The theme for this year's Commissioning Service is additional needs, and is entitled "Each One of us is Wonderful".

Below, you will find the Leader’s Notes (which includes a suggested Order of Service) to download as well as many other resources you can pick from and use as part of your service.

The resource pack includes a Scripture Card, Suggested Hymns and Prayers, a PowerPoint and Talking Points all aimed at raising awareness of additional needs and how your church can be more welcoming to all.

We have plenty of extra activities to engage your JMA group, such as a Drama Script on Jesus Heals a Paralysed Man, a Match the Celebrity to the disability worksheet and BSL alphabet chart and greetings so that children and young people can engage with people who are deaf.

Remember that there are many uplifting stories in the Easter edition of Rainbow and videos on the main JMA page that you could also use to explore the additional needs theme.

The suggested video screening is the song "This is Me" sung by the schoolchildren at King George VI (KGVI) School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe . Why not get your JMA group and congregation to sing along too?

You will also find a video on how to say the Lord's Prayer in sign language under Extra Resources at the bottom of the page


Every year, JMA Ireland groups learn, pray and fundraise for a project in another country. KGVI school is the project they are focusing on this year. 

Video courtesy of KGVI and JMA Ireland.

These materials celebrate how we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ by God (Psalm 139:14) and the aim of the materials is to make your JMA group more aware and welcoming of additional needs. If you don’t have enough time on the day, dip back into these materials to reinforce learning!

 Please note, there are no black and white versions of the documents this year. However, most printers are able to print in black and white, so check your settings when you go to print!

 - Ready to print Service Sheet - 2020                                   -  Leader's Notes and suggested Order of Service 

Commissioning Service resources:

- Suggested Hymns                                                                               - Match the Celebrity Activity Worksheet  
Suggested Prayers         

Jesus Heals a Paralysed Man Drama Script                       -  Additional  Needs Talking Points
- Each one of us is Wonderful Memory Verse                       - Each One of us is Wonderful - Powerpoint 


- Thank You Certificate (English)
- Thank You Certificate (Welsh)
Long Service Certificate

Extra resources:

Sign language is used by many deaf people to communicate. It’s a rich combination of hand gestures, facial expressions and body language.

Try out some greetings in sign language with your friends. Could you greet deaf visitors to your church or JMA group using sign language? It’s bound to make them feel special that you’ve taken the time to learn BSL and speak in their language!

Why not get your group to try and say the Lord’s Prayer in sign language:


Video courtesy of Heathcote Parish Church, Warwick.

- BSL A to Z alphabet (right-handed)
- BSL A to Z alphabet (left-handed)
- BSL general greetings

BSL charts courtesy of British Sign Language

Coronavirus guidance

In these challenging times, it's advisable to wait until after lockdown to hold your JMA Commissioning Service, even if it means holding the service later than you normally would.

In the meantime, you could record a thank you message to post on your website and send a link to it via email to your JMA group.

You could also consider live-streaming your service, please see the guidance below.


NB: Any live-streaming should comply with the present requirement that we are not meeting in groups, and we are not to use church buildings.

Our latest understanding is that a church wishing to sing and play live music on a live or pre-recorded video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram is able to do so without applying for a licence as it is covered by the platform. The video is required to be ‘unbranded’.

The Church of England has produced a comprehensive guide to livestreaming.

Also see our own Methodist suggestions for making livestreaming more interactive, and other ways of meeting up online.

In addition, CCLI  covers recording services and putting them up online afterwards.

An alternative option is to stream the speaking part of your service and send the congregation the hymns/songs beforehand to listen to themselves using StF+ or Youtube links.

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