Methodist Council papers 15-16 April 2008


April 2008 Council Agenda

MC0826: Annual Report & Financial Statements

MC0826 Addendum: Addendum to Annual Report & Financial Statements

MC0827: Report of the Connexional Audit Committee

MC0828: Report of Stationing Review Group

MC0829: The Methodist Church in the Gambia - Progress Towards Autonomy 

MC0830: Joint Implementation Commission for the Anglican-Methodist Covenant

MC0831: Report to Methodist Council concerning the future of Women's Network

MC0832: World Church Relationships - Companions

MC0833: Equalities and Diversity

MC0833 Addendum to Equalities and Diversity

MC0834: Confidentiality and Appointments

MC0836: Youth Participation Strategy Steering Group Report

MC0837: The Youth President and the Connexional Leaders' Forum

MC0838: Financial Proposals of the Connexional Training Strategies Report

MC0839: The role, remit and membership of the Training Strategy Resources Executive

MC0840: With Integrity and Skill - Confidentiality in the Methodist Church

MC0841: Review of Ecumenical Relationships - Final Report to Council

MC0842: Crisis in Darfur

MC0843: Grants Implementation Group

MC0844: Grant Making Framework

MC0845: Connexional Projects for 2008-09

MC0846: Connexional Team Budget Workplan Outline 2008-09

MC0846 Addendum: Budget Workplan Framework (Excel file)


MC0847: Created in God's Image - The Background to the Report 

MC0848: Team Focus Implementation - an Update

MC0849: Review of Committees, Advisory Groups and Reference Groups that Support the Current Connexional Team

MC0850: The Covenant Relationship of those who are Ordained and in Full Connexion

MC0852: International Relief and Development Policy

MC0853: 2007 Conference Notices of Motion referred to the Methodist Council

MC0854: Connexional Team Outline Workplan for 2008-09

MC0855: Fresh Ways Working Group: 2008 Conference Report

MC0856: Phased and Flexible Retirement for Presbyters and Deacons: Making it Possible

MC0857: Cliff College - Change of Standing Order

MC0858: Draft Report of the Methodist Council to the Conference on a consultation on whether or not to review the 1993 Resolutions on Human Sexuality

MC0860: Connexional Training Strategies

MC0861: World Methodist Council Executive Meeting - 2007

MC0863: Candidates' Appeal Committee

MC0864: Members of the 2008 Memorials Committee

MC0865: Conference Business Committee

MC0866: Changes to the membership of the Diaconal Candidates Selection Committee

MC0867: Churches Invited to Conference 2008

MC0868: Diaconal Seats Rota for Methodist Conference 2009

MC0869: Conferences and Churches to be Invited to Conference 2009

MC0870: Nomination of a new NCH Trustee for appointment by the Methodist Council (15/16 April 2008) on behalf of The Conference

MC0871: Statistics for Mission: Triennial Returns

MC0872: Standing Order Change - Strategy & Resources Committee

MC0873: Guidelines for the Business of District, Circuit and Local Meetings

MC0874: Pension provision for lay employees in Districts, Circuits or Churches

MC0875: The Work of the Faith and Order Committee 2007-8

MC0876: Appointment to the Board of the Lay Employees' Pension Scheme

MC0878: Representation on the Methodist Council: Shetland District

MC0879: The New Room, Bristol - Changes to the Managing Trustee Body

MC0880: Working Party on Senior Leadership in the Church

MC0883: Connexional Pioneering Ministries Scheme

MC0884: 2nd Report from the Methodist Council Reference Group on Complaints and Discipline

MC0885: Ministers' Handbook (for Presbyters, Deacons and Circuit Stewards)

MC0886: Magnet magazine - more than a publication

Minutes of the Strategy and Resources Committee (SRC) held at Hothorpe Hall on 11-12 March 2008