Get on the train

Get on the train


Do you love an adventure?

Or do you hesitate on the platform, imagining everything that might go wrong?

Being a disciple starts with saying yes to Jesus. This can be scary, as you don't know where the journey will take you. But it is so worthwhile. 

And if you have said yes, you need to continue to say yes every day, committing to staying on the train even when things get hard.

You can get on the train at any station, including ones that are off the map.

“There are a couple of moments in my life that have been part of my commitment to ‘get on the train’ – like the time I was seven at a summer camp, raising my hand in worship for the first time; or when I was 16 and was baptised. But there are also times when I felt God’s absence. I actually think doubt is part of faith. So even though I wasn’t sure where God was, I committed to staying on the train.”

Activity: Share stories about moments in life when you ‘got on the train’, committed to staying on the train, or moved closer to the platform. Where was God in those moments? Can you identify which station you were visiting at the time, or whether you were on the line between stations?

I’ve not entered the station yet     I’m standing on the platform but I want more info    I’m on the train!