Forms and Report Templates

Guidance for Borrowers - read Parts 1, 2 and 3 online or download as a complete Pdf

Expression of Interest - use this form to register an initial interest in borrowing works from the Methodist Modern Art Collection (Word doc)

Loan Application Form - use this form to give further details, following an EOI, to borrow works from the Methodist Modern Art Collection (Word doc)

Temporary walls available for loan - this specification document with photographs demonstrates the walls available for loan to support the collection as required.

Table of framed dimensions of the works (Word doc) - the measurements given are in centimetres and the dimensions are of the framed works – the height, width of work, then depth of frame.  Use this information to gauge how much space you'll need for displaying the works.

Table of dimensions of the travel cases (Word doc) - the works are transported in new cases which will need to be stored at the exhibition venue or close by, so a suitable space will be required.  Some of the cases are large and heavy so bear this in mind.

Facilities Report - this form relates to the venue(s), the exhibition area, access, security and environmental considerations, and should be completed by the MMACMC link contact in liaison with the host group contact

Exhibition Loan Agreement form (Word doc) - this document is to be completed following final discussions between MMACMC link contact and the host group about borrowing the Collection

Condition Report - a condition check will be undertaken of all works to be displayed prior to installation and again at deinstallation by a member of the MMACMC link team - this helps us to keep under review any repair or maintenance issues as part of an ongoing conservation programme

How to write a press release for your exhibition (Pdf)

Exhibition Press Release Template (Word doc)

A template for the Exhibition Report - revised May 2024 (Word doc)

Titles of Past Exhibitions (Word doc)