We learn more about our faith

You can become like Jesus. You are not stuck where you are.

Jesus calls us to be disciples, which is like being an apprentice. We need to learn, grow, change, and be surprised by God.


For some people this might be formal theological education, but we also learn through our day-to-day lives and encounters with other people.

There are lots of things that can block learning. We might be over-nostalgic and sceptical of the unknown. Or get stuck in an ideology that limits curiosity. Or just get distracted.

But, by definition, disciples are learners, so stay open-minded!

“I’ve been in church my whole life, but I constantly learn more about who God is, and who I am as a being made in God’s image. Every time I listen to someone else’s story, or to a podcast, I learn more about what it means to follow Jesus. I love being part of small group discussions because I learn so much from other people’s perspectives.”


Pause for thought

What’s the best lesson you’ve ever learnt about God?

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Simple things to try

  1. Conversation spaces are a great place to share experiences and learn from one another. This could be during a Sunday service, in a small group, or while doing crafts or activism. Use one of thousands of small-group courses widely available from the website.
  2. Every day, post a different Bible story or passage on social media. Don’t add your thoughts; instead ask other people for their reflections.
  3. Sign up to the Friday Fix to learn from people who notice God in music. 
  4. Ask a friend to recommend a good Christian book, video or podcast. Keep a journal and make notes on them. Here are some of the Evangelism and Growth team's favourite podcasts:
  1. Listen to a Taketime meditation based on John 14:22-29: I will send the Holy Spirit and give you peace.

Coming soon: A new course to guide spiritual seekers and committed travellers in exploring who God is, and how we respond to God’s love in our being and actions in the world.

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