Visit every station


As Methodists, we highlight 12 particular stations on the discipleship journey.

God calls each of us to get involved in all 12, as each helps us to respond to God’s love in a different way. We do not expect to be perfect in this, but we live out these practices as far as we are able, with God’s help. There are four areas on the map:

Some might feel familiar and safe, or like a passion – let’s call it your home station. This could be linked to a vocation but could also be something completely different. We might avoid some stations because they’re scary or difficult – experiencing God here feels hard. Others are unfamiliar, but it feels like the season to visit them. Let’s call these exciting, or terrifying, stations growth stations

Activity: Pick a “home station” and a “growth station”. How could you celebrate your passions and commit to stepping out of your comfort zone? There is more guidance on this activity here