We tell of the love of God

Your story matters.

It's natural to want to pass on good news – a new baby or grandchild, a new job, passing an exam, getting on a team. Evangelism is about passing on the good news of Jesus’ love for you, and it flows out of our excitement about what we have discovered.

Sandra makes up Hobbity Rabbit stories to pass her faith on to her grandchild and other people she knows.

You've got a story to share about how God's love has affected you, a story that might make all the difference to another person.

“Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you” (Mark 5:19)

Evangelism is something many Christians think is difficult and scary. But once you try, you might be pleasantly surprised by how good it makes you feel.



Pause for thought

If we had to teach a four year old about who God is, what would we say?

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Simple things to try

  1. Talk with other Christians about your faith – it’s a good way to get started.
  2. Do you find it easier to talk about faith with friends or strangers? Think about why this is.
  3. Be open with your friends and family about what the good news means in your life. You could talk about a specific church project so they understand more about how you spend your time.
  4. Ask people their stories. This might just be: “What’s happened to you this week that’s given you hope?”
  5. Take part in Everyone an Evangelist or Evangelism for Leaders, courses which are designed to help you grow in confidence as you authentically and appropriately share your faith with others.
  6. Recruit two to three people in the congregation who can talk to ‘enquirers’, or anyone who is ‘spiritually seeking’, to meet with them and speak to them about their faith, answer their questions and bring them into community.
  7. Listen to a Taketime meditation based on John 44:39-42, The Samaritan Woman (part 4).