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Epworth Review November 2011


Editorial: A Tribute to Angela Shier-Jones
Stephen Wigley

A Global Methodist Perspective? 
Reproducing statements concerning relationships between Muslims and Methodists from the United Methodist Church and the World Methodist Council

Building trust, living the call to love - towards a Christian praxis in Islamophobic times
Ray Gaston 

Christian-Muslim Relations in Britain and The Gambia
Peter Stephens

Christians and Muslims in England: The  Christian Muslim Forum
Julian Bond


Epworth Review April 2011


Editorial  Angela Shier-Jones

The Rule of Christian Faith, Practice and Hope: John Wesley on the Bible
Randy Maddox 

Preaching, the Bible and the Renewal of the Church 
Neil G. Richardson

Applecart: A Theology of Inflection and Demolition
Peter Moreton

The CODEC Research Project
Pete Philips

The Bible for Today's Young People
Mike Seaton

Fresh Expressions of a Biblical Faith?
Graham Horsley

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Epworth Review January 2011



Reimagining Future Mission Together 
Martyn Atkins

Christian Theology on Setting Goals for International Development
Stephen Plant

The Question of Zion and the Future of Israel/Palestine 
Warren R. Bardsley

The Future of Christian Funerals
John S. Lampard

'Carrying the fire': Is God present in the post apocalyptic world of Cormac McCarthy's novel The Road?
Gordon Leah

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Epworth Review December 2010


Editorial Angela Shier-Jones

Characteristics of Chaplaincy
A Methodist Understanding
Robert Jones

Chaplaincy in Schools
Stephen Poxon

Independent School Chaplaincy
Paul Glass

Reflections on Chaplaincy in Further Education
John Breadon

University Chaplaincy as Wisdom in This Place
Stan Brown

Workplace Chaplaincy 
A Contemporary View
Stephen Willey

Agricultural Chaplaincy
Alan Robson

No Abiding City - Where do Healthcare Chaplains belong and where are they Heading
Judy Davies

Prison Chaplaincy
Fraser Smith

Chaplaincy in the Forces
Roy Burley

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Epworth Review September 2010

Editorial  Angela Shier-Jones

The Fernley Hartley Lecture 2010
Adventures in Affective Space: The Reconstruction of Piety in an Age of Entertainment
Clive Marsh

The Beckly Lecture 2010
The Other Side of the Wall: What do we Need to Learn?
Dame Anne Owers

The A.S. Peake Memorial Lecture 2010
From Transmission to TXT - The Bible in a Digital Age 
Angela Shier-Jones

Conference Colloquium
'Reshaping the mission of Methodism'
David Clarke

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