List of Fernley Hartley Lectures and Lecturers

Garlick’s Methodist Registry lists the Lectures from 1932-82 inclusive.

1983 David Calvert ‘From Christ to God: some trends, problems and
possibilities in contemporary Christology.’

1984 John Grice ‘Inter-faith, Buddha and Christ.’

1985 Christopher Wiltsher ‘Everyday Science, everyday God.’

1986 David Tripp ‘The Jesus who did not pray.’

1987 John Sampson ‘Images of Pastoral Care in the Old Testament.’

1988 Michael Townsend ‘Believer and Bard: Christianity and Poetry in the Twentieth

1989 Martin Groves ‘Maurice and Methodism, a study in ecumenical theology.’

1990 Judith Maizel ‘In the Image of God.’

1991 Kenneth Howcroft ‘Atonement: Experiencing a Doctrine.’

1992 Roger Walton ‘The Church as a Learning Community.’

1993 Philip Luscombe ‘“The silence of their equations”: The study of science and the
practice of theology.’

1994 Ian Summerscales ‘Talk of the Soul, Saying God: Reflections on Meister

1995 Donald Pickard ‘The Shaping of Liturgy: Worship and Pastoral Care.’

1996 Christina Le Moignan ‘The Book of Revelation: A Vision for Today’s Church.’

1997 Richard Clutterbuck ‘Our Doctrines.’

1998 Emmanuel Lartey ‘Pastoral Care in Multi-cultural Britain: White, Black or Beige?’

1999 Jane Craske ‘Seeing visions, hearing voices: the consequences of feminist
perspectives in theology.’

2000 Robert Dolman ‘Wherefore with my utmost art: some reflections on the poetry
of George Herbert.’

2001 Mark Wakelin ‘On becoming, living and knowing: theology, education and
theological education.’

2002 No Lecture.

2003 Martin Wellings ‘Evangelicals in Methodism: mainstream, marginal or

2004 No Lecture.

2005 No Lecture.

2006 Peter Hatton ‘Just managing? Biblical Wisdom and The Nature of

2007 Jonathan Dean ‘Mystics and Pharisees.’

2008 David Wilkinson ‘Dawkins, The Simpsons and God: public theology and pop-

2009 Gareth Powell ‘Cherishing Our Place: Apostolic Identity and the Catholic

2010 Clive Marsh ‘Adventures in Affective Space: The Reconstruction of Piety
in an Age of Entertainment’.

2011 Morna Hooker-Stacey ‘Conformity to Christ: The Roots of Pauline Spirituality.’

2012 Jane Leach ‘The end of theological education – is wisdom the principal

2013 Calvin Samuel 'Jesus, Holiness and Conflict in the Gospels'

2014 Tom Greggs 'Priesthood, Christ and the Church'

2015 David Clough ‘Early Methodists and Other Animals: Animal Welfare as an
Evangelical Issue’

2016 James Dunn ‘Why Four Gospels? Why Only Four

2017 Nicola Price-Tebbutt ‘Methodism and experience: the role of personal narrative in
shaping the Church’s theology.

2018 Dion Forster ‘Revival, Revolution and Reform in Global Methodism: An
understanding of Christian Perfection as African Christian
Humanism in the Methodist Church of Southern Africa.’

2022 The Revd Dr Christine Dutton, 'There is nothing new under the sun: Is the cynical nature of Methodist ecclesial experimentation inevitable?'