Why does the Methodist Church have a Modern Art Collection? 

Because two Methodist people in the 1960s collected works of art in order to open up faith conversations, and then gave their collection to the British Methodist Church.

What is in the Collection? 

There are over 50 works, including some by well-known artists such as Graham Sutherland, Elisabeth Frink, William Roberts, Patrick Heron.

  • Most of the pictures depict scenes from the life and teaching of Christ: some artists were or are believing Christians, others not. 
  • Works are still being acquired to ensure that the ideas and concerns of today's artists are represented in the Collection.  
  • You could refer to 'Seeing the Spiritual - A Guide to the Methodist Modern Art Collection' (£7.99 plus P&P), available from Methodist Publishing .

Where and when can I see the Collection?

At several different places in and around Britain each year, though not all the pictures are shown every time

  • Details of venues can be found here. 
  • It is not always to be found in Methodist Churches; it has been exhibited in cathedrals, schools and art galleries.

Are all the works in the collection available on this website?

Due to copyright restrictions some works, including those by Patrick Heron, Edward Burra and Georges Rouault, cannot be shown online.

Is there a commentary on the works I can read?

Yes, see beneath each work in the Browse the Collection section. You can also read a critique of the paintings by Francis Hoyland that covers many of the works. This is also available on the Resources page.

How can we arrange to use the Collection? 

By contacting the Management Committee with a request.

  • First - read more about what is involved in our Guidance for Borrowers
  • Next - plan well ahead. The Management Committee usually work on a schedule 2 years in advance and it can take a local group that time to prepare. 
  • Don't think you have to use the whole Collection. The Management Committee are often happy to allow a few pictures to go to a special event. 
  • Contact - 
    Liz Millard 
    Administrator, MMACMC 
    Methodist Church House 
    25 Tavistock Place 
    London WC1H 9SF
    Email: artcollection@methodistchurch.org.uk 
    Tel: 020 7467 5214

Can I use the images in print, or online?

Please see Use of images for terms and conditions.