The Methodist Modern Art Collection is a distinctive, unique and highly effective tool for mission. The Management Committee of the Methodist Modern Art Collection are eager to encourage the loan of the Collection to as wide an audience as possible. This guidance is designed to enable you, the Borrower, with support from two members of the Management Committee, to exhibit this valuable collection of art in local churches, cathedrals and community buildings, as well as museums and art galleries. Together we aim to work with you to use this special collection to reach people, encourage them to respond to the Gospel of God’s love in Christ and to live out their discipleship in worship and mission.

Guidance for borrowers

The Borrower's Timeline has been designed to indicate the lead-in times for key stages of the borrowing process.

The detailed guidance is arranged chronologically in three parts to relate to the timeline.

Part 1 outlines the minimum requirements necessary to support an expression of interest and guides you through the process to request the loan of artworks.

Part 2 contains essential information to help you to prepare your exhibition space, events, publicity material and volunteers.

Part 3 leads you through the practical installation of the exhibition.

For other information, including the specifications of the artworks and travelling crates, plus all the downloadable forms and templates, please see Forms and Report Templates below.